History of AITP

AITP began as the National Machine Accountants Association back in the 1950s, and an active chapter was formed in Jackson at this time. With the advent of powerful, mainframe computers and the accompanying staffs, the name was soon changed to DPMA (Data Processing Management Association) to focus more on the processing of all types of data. However, with the proliferation of personal and mid-range computers, this name also became dated, and effective in 1997 the association members changed its name to AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals).

AITP has been around for over 50 years with a local chapter right here in Jackson.  The 2013 President is Sharon Miller.  We have monthly luncheon meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (11:30 am – 1 pm) at the Capital Club in Jackson, MS.    The monthly luncheon meeting offers our 40 members and guests the opportunity to hear a timely technology topic, fresh buffet lunch and the opportunity to connect with other technology experts in MS. 

Membership. The Jackson AITP Chapter now consists of many Mississippi members of varied backgrounds, from college professors to IT managers and directors. Anyone with any interest in the information arena is welcome to join and contribute to the knowledge of the entire membership, in addition to sharing in the many benefits of the organization.

Purpose. The purpose of the local chapter is to contribute to the professional benefit of the members and their employers, and also to benefit the information industry, both business and educational, in our local community. The benefits to the members are both professional and social, and are too numerous to list all here. However, this chapter has conducted a three-day, hands-on workshop in Jackson on cabling, which benefited participants from many parts of this state. The Jackson Chapter, in coordination with the national association, has sponsored nine live interactive video conferences by satellite. These conferences covered state-of-the-art material, such as The Internet, Workgroup Computing, and Using Multi-Media for Education and Business.

In the community. This chapter currently sponsors three student AITP chapters, at Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Delta State University, and serves as an important bridge between the academic and business sectors for these students. We have for many years awarded a scholarship to local deserving students entering the study of information management. Our members serve as teachers and on advisory boards at several local junior and senior colleges. AITP created the computer merit badge program for the Boy Scouts of America in 1968, and has assisted with the local Junior Achievement program.

Mississippian of the Year Award.  Annually, we present an award to a Mississippian for outstanding contributions to the field of technology.   Award recipients include former Governor William Winter, Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, Dr. Donald Zacharias,  MTEL chief John Palmer, Joel Bomgar (Bomgar) and Ben Hubbard (Navagis).

Outstanding Chapter.  Due to these activities and many more, the Jackson AITP Chapter has been awarded the Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (COPA) many times, and has claimed the Most Outstanding Chapter Award in Region 3.