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By joining AITP, you become part of a strong network of IT business professionals, have access to empowering resources and opportunities, and are positioned to achieve your professional goals.  Visit to become a member now!

AITP offers the following classes of membership:

Professional Membership
Individuals who are or have been employed in the management of information resources including, but not limited to, managers, staff, sales, service providers, and educators. Professional members are normally affiliated with a local professional chapter.Professional members not affiliated with a local chapter are Members at Large.

Student Membership
Individual students currently enrolled in a university or college whose degree major is consistent with their desire to enter the information processing field. Students who do not find their college or university listed should join as Individual Student Member At Large.

Enterprise Membership
Commercial, government, and education organizations. All Enterprise Member organizations are eligible for a group dues discount based on the number of individual memberships applied for. To make application for an Enterprise Membership, please contact [email protected] or call 800-224-9371.